Free Cinema Filmfestival 2009 in Mirapuri vom 12.06. – 14.06.09 – Cybermusic and Awareness Videos

Hier alle Infos zum diesjährigen International Free Cinema Filmfestival, das vom 12.06. – 14.06.2009 am Omnidiet Hotel stattfindet.

Wann: vom 12.06 – 14.06.2009

Wo: Omnidiet Resort and Business Hotel
Via Monte Falò 8
28011 Mirapuri-Coiromonte (Prov. di Novara)

Info & Zimmer-Reservierung:

tel: +39 – 0322 – 999 009


Das Free Cinema Festival in Mirapuri, Italien ist das internationale Film- und Video Festival für Filme aller Kategorien sowie allen Sprachen.
Das Free Cinema Festival in Mirapuri, Italien präsentiert Mirapuri-Filmkünstler und internationale Freunde von Mirapuri-Filmkünstlern.
Das Free Cinema Film Festival findet alljährlich an 3 Tagen im Juni statt und bietet Filmvorführungen, das Vorstellen der Filmkünstler sowie Möglichkeiten zum gegenseitigen Austausch. Der Eintritt zur Veranstaltung ist kostenlos, man kann umsonst campen und und die freundlich gestalteten Preise für Essen, Trinken und Hotelunterbringung tragen zur besucherfreundlichen Ausrichtung dieses Events bei.


Freitag, der 12.06.09; Filmvorführungen von 18:00 – 22:00 Uhr

18:00 – 19:30 Uhr

‚Mirapuri – City of Peace and Futureman in Europe, Italy and Miravillage – its first satellite in Germany‘

(Farbe, in Englisch und Italienisch)

19:45 – 20:45 Uhr

The Hour Of God‘

(Farbe, in Englisch)

A rare meditation movie with filmscenes of Mira Alfassa – The Mother and her recitation of Sri Aurobindo’s text ‚The Hour Of God‘ accompanied by her organ music and music of Sunil Bhattacharya.

21:00 – 22:00 Uhr

‚Savitri, Book I, Canto 1‘

(Farbe, in Englisch)

Part 1 of Michel Montecrossa’s ‚Meditations on Savitri‘ series presenting Sri Aurobindo’s great spiritual poem ‚Savitri‘ through images created by Mira Alfassa – The Mother along with her recitations from Savitri and her organ music.

Samstag, der 13.06.09; Filmvorführungen von 15:00 – 18:45 Uhr

15:00 – 16:30 Uhr

‚Like An Awakening Breeze – Portrait of a Cyberrocker, Part One‘

(Farbe, in Englisch)

Michel Montecrossa’s free cinema portrait presenting early documents from the beginnings till 1988.

16:45 – 18:15 Uhr

Movie -Trailer: ‚The Resurrection Movie‘ – Michel Montecrossa’s great Peace & Climate Change Musical

Vodpod videos no longer available.


‚The Resurrection Movie‘

(Farbe, in Englisch)

‚The Resurrection Movie‘ released by Filmaur Multimedia on DVD is Michel Montecrossa’s great peace & climate change musical with 27 songs and a great passion story telling the love-tale of cyberrocker-astronaut Starlight and his mate Earthpower and how they change hellish mega city planet through their music into a free world.

‚The Resurrection Movie‘ has its premiere on Saturday, 13th June 2009 at the Mirapuri International Free Cinema Filmfestival.

„The Resurrection Movie“, says Michel Montecrossa, „is a continous awareness enhancing stream of multilayered messages telling the story simultaneously in a poetic, picturesque and musical way. It is presenting a new level of my ongoing creation of Fullstream Cinema-Art.“

‚The Resurrection Movie‘ tells the mythic love story of cyberrocker-astronaut Starlight and Earthpower. In a world that became one global mega city system, Starlight and Earthpower embody the unexpected and unforeseen that change everything. Into the holocaust of unending wars fought by an abysmal society, split between gangstas and rockers and led by a central processor regent (CPR), they bring the victory of humanity. An epic movie of music, love and passion for freedom. A celebration of deep-brain lovemakin‘, a grail of demechanization, a revelation of soul and body overcoming terror and impotence. A surreal and ultimately real world where death-fear and libido change into love and life. A musical verite of courage and love, profound emotions, passion and mystery. Michel Montecrossa is cyberrocker-astronaut Starlight. Mirakali is Earthpower.

‚The Resurrection Movie‘: Power of Art. Power of Cinema. Power of Music. Power of Consciousness.

DVD - The Resurrection Movie Michel Montecrossas great Peace & Climate Change Musical

DVD - 'The Resurrection Movie' Michel Montecrossa's great Peace & Climate Change Musical

22:00 – 1:00 Uhr

‚Love Revolution‘ – Cyberrock concert with

Michel Montecrossa ( and his band The Chosen Few

Sonntag, der 14.06.09; Filmvorführungen von 15:00 – 19:45 Uhr

15:00 – 15:30 Uhr

‚Mystery Of Love‘

(Farbe, in Englisch)

Meditationmovie by Mirakali

15:30 – 17:30 Uhr

‚The UFO Landed – Portrait of a Cyberrocker, Part Two‘

(Farbe, in Englisch)

Michel Montecrossa’s free cinema portrait journey till 2004.

17:45 – 19:45 Uhr

‚The Peace & Light Cybersymphony and Song Concert,

Part One and Two‘

(Farbe, in Englisch)

‚Peace & Light‘ is Michel Montecrossa’s eleventh concert of his ‚Peace & Climate Change Tour‘ presenting 30 cybersymphonic instrumentals and poetic songs by Michel Montecrossa and his Lightsound Orchestra. Performed and filmed at the Toskana Therme Bad Sulza, Germany it is presented as an inspiring movie, a highly artistic meditation event and cyber masterpiece


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